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European Society for Radiotherapy and Oncology

April 26-29, MiCo-Milano Convention Center,

booth #4000, Milano, Italy


European Society for Radiotherapy and Oncology

April 20-24, Barcelona International Convention Centre,
booth #1300, Barcelona, Spain

Join us for your next step on the confident path to treatment


A commitment to increased accuracy and reduced time to treatment is evident as Philips introduced a new portfolio of Radiation Oncology Solutions. 


Designed to improve the Radiation Oncology workflow from imaging to treatment planning, every element integrates seamlessly to support you in confident therapy decision-making. 


Visit us at booth #4000 to experience our newest Radiation Oncology Solutions including Big Bore RT, Ingenia MR-RT Ambition/ Elition, Pinnacle Evolution and more.

ESTRO 37 radiotherapy solutions

Experience the latest innovations in Radiation Oncology at ESTRO 38

iPatient for Big Bore CT

iPatient for CT Big Bore

iPatient offers patient centered imaging workflow that helps to drive consistency in image quality from scan to scan across diverse patient populations.
RTdrive MR Prostate

MR-only simulation for general pelvis1

MR-only simulation for general pelvis1 lets you plan radiation therapy for pelvic soft-tissue cancers, including rectal, bladder, gynecological and prostate using MR imaging data only.
Pinnacle3 16.2 with PlanIQ

Pinnacle3 16.2 with PlanIQ


Improve your plan quality and optimize your workflow with PlanIQ. Introducing an improved DICOM connectivity, and PlanIQ integration in Pinnacle3. Stay tuned!



Pinnacle3 16.2 with PlanIQ

Ingenia MR-RT with MR simulation package1 for Elekta MR-linac1

The Philips Ingenia MR-RT simulation platform with MR linac simulation package will be an ideal complement to Elekta Unity. With consistent workflows and image quality from MR simulation through to online MR guidance during radiation treatment, it will let you exploit the many similarities and synergies between Philips Ingenia MR-RT and Elekta Unity.


You're invited!
Philips Satellite symposium at ESTRO 38
Monday, April 29th | 13:15-14:15 | Room:TBD

Satellite symposium speakers and schedule will be announced soon. Stay tuned!


Reducing uncertainties in Radiation Therapy:  

Challenging the status quo

Ardie Ermers, General Manager Radiation Oncology,

Philips Healthcare

Overcoming workflow challenges in Radiation Oncology through collaboration with industry

Rodney Ellis, M.D. FACRO, Associate Professor Radiation

Oncology Case Western Reserve University, Vice-Chairman

Strategic Development Dept of Radiation Oncology University

Hospitals Cleveland Medical Center Cleveland, Ohio USA

MRI-only simulation in pelvic cancer radiotherapy planning

Jani Keyriläinen, PhD. Assistant Chief Physicist at Turku

University Hospital, Finland

Insights and trends in Oncology 

Discover how we underscore the dedication to Oncology
Read articles on the latest innovations

Fully integrated imaging and treatment planning

CT Big Bore
Big Bore RT
Pinnacle 3 treatment Planning
Pinnacle3 Treatment Planning
Ingenia MR RT
Ingenia MR-RT
RTdrive MR Prostate
RTdrive workflow solution for prostate treatment planning
RTdrive MR Prostate
MR-only simulation
IntelliSpace healthcare informatics
IntelliSpace Healthcare informatics
Vereos Genolier
Vereos Digital PET/CT

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1Works in progress, is not CE-marked and not available for sale.