Respironics Remote diagnostic system

Respironics Respi-Link

Remote diagnostic system

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The Respi-Link* remote diagnostic system is a device relationship management system that enables authorized Philips support specialists to securely access certain devices via the Internet. It helps reduce downtime & on-site repair visits.

Remote diagnostics

Resolve service calls

Whenever you need assistance, simply connect your computer to the appropriate communications port on your device. Then an authorized Philips Technical or Clinical Specialist can view the status of the device remotely and assist in troubleshooting. This can help you resolve service issues faster. Since remote diagnosis occurs with you next to the device, learning and coaching is facilitated.
Broad capabilities

Broad capabilities resolve many common service tasks

Services that formerly required on-site visits are now available by connecting to Respi-Link . It performs some of the most common ventilator service activities, including real-time troubleshooting, software installation, diagnostic assistance, and device operation.
IT security

Secure connections with your IT systems

Advanced security features offer protection for internal networks, medical systems, and patient privacy and complete control for healthcare facilities. Respi-Link is VeriSign security verified and uses Firewall Friendly™ communications. HTTPS, PKI, and 128-bit SSL encryption data protection protocols are used. No changes are required to your IT and security infrastructures. No VPN, new IP addresses, or modems are needed.
Automatic downloads

Automatic downloads are scheduled at your convenience

Base software and enhancement options can be automatically downloaded at your convenience, reducing disruption to patient care.
International compliance

International compliance to support quality standards

The Respi-Link system is designed to comply with the following international regulations: HIPAA - Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (USA), FDA 21 CFR Part 11 (USA), European Data Protection Directive (EU), and HPB 517 (Japan). This supports you in meeting your relevant healthcare quality standards.
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  • * Where available