Computed Tomography Solutions

Computed Tomography

New realities call for new ways of working. Philips Computed Tomography is dedicated to fulfilling the diagnostic promise of CT imaging in meaningful ways that were never thought possible. We are advancing patient care with innovations in CT product design, radiation dose management, image quality and advanced clinical applications.

Discover how Philips Computed Tomography can meet your imaging needs by exploring our family of CT scanners and state of the art clinical solutions.

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  • IntelliSpace Portal  9.0

    IntelliSpace Portal 9.0

    IntelliSpace Portal 9.0 advanced analysis platform

  • Radiation dose management

    Radiation dose management

    Comprehensive suite of dose management tools

  • Refurbished Systems - Computed Tomography Scanners

    Refurbished Systems - Computed Tomography Scanners

    Updated and quality tested refurbished CT scanners

  • Image Quality & Dose Management

    Image Quality & Dose Management

    Innovative CT solutions in image quality and radiation dose management

  • CT Scanners

    CT Scanners

    Philips portfolio of multislice CT scanners

  • Clinical Platform

    Clinical Platform

    Clinical solutions to improve workflow

Are you ready to comply? 


July 1st is the deadline to comply with the new Joint Commission requirements. They expect more from hospitals concerning dose management. We’ve developed a tool to help you compare current practices against the new requirements and define corrective action. Get it now!


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