EHRA 2022
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Thank you for joining Philips at EHRA 2022. 

April 3-5
Bella Center, Copenhagen

Purposeful innovation. Empowered care.

Discover how our electrophysiology and cardiac lead extraction solutions uniquely leverage imaging systems and software with specialized diagnostic and therapeutic devices designed to support exceptional treatment. Also, experience how the next generation Holter service can empower cardiac care. 

We look forward to connecting with you at EHRA 2023.
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    EHRA symposia program 2022

    Cardiovascular implementable electronic devices

    CIED infection - What if...?
    Problem and solutions through the lens of the infection disease specialist and cardiologist

    Monday, April 4 | 15:15 - 15:45 CET
    Room LR5 (online Channel 1)
    Chair: Dr. Archana Rao, UK​

    • A discussion on the unique problems presented by device infection patients and the best solutions for management in your hospital and community.
    • Dr. Stefan Hagel, Infectiologist, Germany
      Dr. Ignacio Ferreira-González, Cardiologist, Spain

    EP physician with patient during time out

    Heart health: the evolution of dielectric imaging and next generation ECG monitoring

    Monday, April 4 | 17:05 - 17:50 CET
    Room LR2 (online Channel 1)
    Chair: Prof. K. Vernooy, the Netherlands

    • The novel dielectric imaging for Cryoballoon ablation: Near zero X-ray and contrast – Dr. A. Rillig, Germany
    • Foundational science behind dielectrics-based tissue lesion assessment and initial experiences – Prof. L. Boersma, the Netherlands
    • Next generation Holter service for stroke prevention and post-stroke monitoring – Dr. J. Engdahl, Sweden

    Discover our latest innovations

    CIED Infection Treatment Options

    CIED infection treatment options

    Did you know that CIED infection is a class I indication for complete system removal? This animation shows the safety and efficacy of a laser lead extraction procedure in the case of systemic or pocket infections.

    See the KODEX EPD system in action

    KODEX-EPD system in action

    The KODEX-EPD system is a new approach to cardiac imaging and mapping that has been developed to address key unmet needs in electrophysiology (EP) procedures. This animation illustrates the KODEX-EPD system in action.

    See the KODEX EPD system in action

    ePatch: Next generation Holter service

    Philips ePatch offers an end end-to-end service that supports efficient workflows, timely diagnosis, timely diagnosis and enhances the patient experience. Discover how the next generation Holter service can empower cardiac care.

    Together, we’re powering the future of heart care with Artificial Intelligence. 

    At Philips, we’re committed to delivering on the promise of Artificial Intelligence for cardiac care. That’s why we are excited to announce this year that Cardiologs is joining our leading portfolio of cardiology solutions at EHRA. 

    Learn more about Philips ePatch

    Learn more about our electrophysiology, lead management solutions and the next generation Holter service

    Lead management

    Learn more about lead management


    Learn more about KODEX EPD

    Philips ePatch

    Learn more about Philips ePatch
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