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    COVID 19

    Ultrasound products and services for COVID-19 diagnosis

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    Ultrasound in the fight against COVID-19

    Ultrasound is more valuable than ever with its expanding role in the fight against COVID-19. Philips provides a wide range of ultrasound systems to assess and manage COVID-19-related lung and cardiac complications.

    Ultrasound education and resources

    Dr. Bursey tele-ultrasound series


    Dr. Roberto Lang cardiac ultrasound series


    Dr. Sara Nikravan’s lung ultrasound series


    Additional Philips ultrasound education opportunities


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    Considerations for emergency and critical care physicians

    Ultrasound can be used as a tool to identify findings consistent with COIVD-19, assess the severity of the disease and help monitor and manage patients by enabling quick and accurate assessments of cardiac and pulmonary status.

    Lung ultrasound findings in COVID-19 patients can include:

    • Thickening and/or irregularities in the pleural line
    • B-lines
    • Sub-pleural consolidations

    Focused cardiac ultrasound exams in COVID-19 patients can help identify:

    • Left ventricular size and function
    • Right ventricular size and function
    • Presence of pericardial effusion and evidence of tamponade
    • Assessment of IVC for volume status to guide fluid management

    Considerations for cardiologists and sonographers

    Philips Ultrasound is working with cardiologists and sonographers to help identify and share best practices for cardiac exams. Clinicians' feedback to Philips has emphasized consideration for safety while imaging, capture of the most relevant images and data, and effective follow-up analysis.
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    Areas of focus

    While the extent of cardiac damage due to COVID-19 is far from completely understood, cardiologists have highlighted symptoms and complications of pneumonia as key areas of potential focus, especially myocarditis, pulmonary embolism, and potential for acute myocardial infarction.
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    Acquisition focus

    According to the American Society of Echocardiography (ASE) recommendations, to monitor disease progression and hemodynamic of patients with COVID-19, echocardiography should obtain the following cardiac parameters: Left heart function, right heart function, cardiac hemodynamics and signs of pericardial effusion. Assessment of right heart function is important because of the potential for short-term lung diseases or acute myocarditis, potentially resulting in pulmonary hypertension and acute right heart failure.
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    Precautions for both caregiver and patient safety are of highest priority. Clinicians have emphasized use of proper PPE, criteria for use of the TEE and minimization of exam time as especially critical. We recommend carefully pre-planning the exam and applying protocols and techniques such as 3D that reduce the need for multiple acquisitions and changing of the transducer positioning. To the extent possible, measurements should be made on a separate workstation, or after the patient has left the exam room.
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    Follow up

    Caregivers should also consider needs for monitoring and follow up exams of COVID-19 patients. Application of techniques and measurements that are consistent and reproducible will aid in comparisons. Some cardiologists have also recommended identification or tagging of patients as COVID-19 in the patient record to help them with future retrieval and analysis.

    Clinical image gallery

    COVID-19 webinars and events

    Experience from the frontline: Clinical and operational considerations in an echo department during and after the COVID-19 pandemic
    POCUS in the ED for COVID-19 with Dr. Rachel Liu
    Lung Ultrasound Part 1 with Martin Altersberger MD, Thomas Binder MD, FESC
    Lung Ultrasound Part 2 with Martin Altersberger MD, Thomas Binder MD, FESC
    Lung Ultrasound Webinar and Q/A with Dr. Sara Nikravan
    Evolving cardiac dynamics with COVID-19 patients: Experiences from US and Europe
    Infection control in the Emergency Department for COVID-19 with Dr. Arun Nagdev
    ASE Statement on Protection of Patients and Echocardiography Service Providers during the COVID-19 Pandemic
    Nuts and Bolts of Point-of-Care Echo: the 5E’s in COVID-19
    Echocardiographic approach for assessment of patients with suspected myocarditis

    Philips Ultrasound is your ally in the fight against COVID-19

    (Please note, not all products are available in all geographies. Please check with your Philips representative for complete portfolio availability.)
    With systems that are easily cleaned and provide high-quality imaging, Philips Ultrasound technology helps clinicians provide timely and reliable assessment and management of lung and cardiac conditions in COVID-19 patients.
      EPIQ Elite A new class of premium ultrasound has arrived

      EPIQ Elite  

      A new class of premium ultrasound has arrived
      • nSIGHT Imaging is a totally different approach to ultrasound
      • PureWave and xMATRIX for leading-edge ultrasound transducer technology
      • 24" HD MAX Display for the ultimate ultrasound visualization experience
      EPIQ CVx Premium cardiology ultrasound system

      EPIQ CVx  

      Premium cardiology ultrasound system
      • Exceptional imaging with the OLED monitor & TrueVue realistic light rendering
      • Improved exam efficiencies with configurable UI and real time image alignment in 3D
      • 3D LV, LA and RV chamber quantifications powered by advanced automation
      Affiniti Ultrasound system

      Affiniti 70

      Ultrasound system
      • It understands your every day
      • Designed for balance
      • Workflow meets wow
      CX50 Ultrasound system

      CX50 Critical care

      Ultrasound system
      • Premium technologies for proven performance
      • PureWave imaging for technically difficult patients
      • SonoCT and XRES improves image quality and reduces noise
      InnoSight Compact ultrasound system


      Compact ultrasound system
      • High quality imaging
      • Enhanced mobility
      • Simplicity - Intuitive user interface
      Sparq Ultrasound system


      Ultrasound system
      • Simplicity Mode simplifies your controls on the system.
      • Intuitive Dynamic Interface makes scanning easy
      • Ergonomic design for ease of use in challenging environments

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    Please note: not all products are available in all geographies. Please check with your Philips representative or call us at 1-800-345-6443 for complete portfolio availability.

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