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At Philips Digital & Computational Pathology, we have created a unique proposition enabling the world to move to digital pathology, the Philips IntelliSite Pathology Solution.​


With over 4.5 million digital slides per year created in the iSyntax format, the SDK opens the  iSyntax format to software developers and research scientists, giving them the ability to make their vision a reality.

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Philips Pathology Software Development Kit (SDK) enables access to iSyntax images​


How to download the SDK


Philips Pathology SDK opens up the Philips’ iSyntax digital pathology image format, providing access required for sophisticated applications. All information, including the possibility to download the SDK, is available on our Open Pathology Portal.

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What is the Philips Pathology SDK?


The Philips Pathology SDK enables software developers and research scientists to smoothly work with data stored in the iSyntax format. Using the SDK opens up the iSyntax capability, native read and write functionality to your software, utilizing years of optimization work on the iSyntax image pipeline. This will allow you to focus on what matters most: creation of innovative applications built on the strong foundation of Philips IntelliSite Pathology Solution.​

For more details, including a comprehensive documentation and ready-to-use source code examples please refer to the Open Pathology Portal.

iSyntax – your format for pathology images


The iSyntax format has distinguished features for storing pathology Whole Slide Images (WSI). The wavelet transformation technology allows users to zoom and pan through WSI images quickly. iSyntax encoding and decoding can be processed in real-time, and because the wavelet technology obviates the need for the redundant storage of lower magnification images in a “pyramid” format, it requires a 25% smaller file size. Unlike other formats that have a limited dynamic range, the iSyntax pathology format allows for medical image quality featured by arbitrarily high bit-depths, unlimited amount of channels, lossless and lossy compression and progressive decompression in terms of resolution as well as quality.


The Philips Pathology SDK addresses the growing demand to tap into the vast repositories that are created by pathology laboratories for primary diagnosis. Enabling the development of Artificial Intelligence (AI) software applications to benefit from the iSyntax’s lossless and high-dynamic range of tumor tissue images.


For a full description of Philips’ iSyntax format for Digital Pathology and the image pipeline built on iSyntax please refer to

Philips Pathology Book

Want to learn more about the Philips’ iSyntax image format?


Download Bas Hulsken's whitepaper on iSyntax.


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