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    The new Philips MR portfolio connects data, technology and people – seamlessly

    At Philips, we’re committed to partnering with you to deliver a confident diagnosis the first time, while also helping to future-proof your radiology department. We do this by leveraging our deep insights into the people behind the image. This has culminated in our all new Ingenia integrated MR solutions, which break down diagnostic boundaries to empower a faster, smarter, and simpler path to confident diagnosis, elevating the patient experience and, above all, helping to improve patient care. 

    Delivering speed without sacrifice- every time

    With virtually equal image quality, the new Ingenia MR portfolio is able to perform exams up to 50% faster1, allowing you to handle more patients per day. This breakthrough in speed is made possible by high-quality digital imaging acceleration technology, further amplified by touchless automated workflow optimization, such as patient sensing, and fully guided patient setup.

    Dramatically improved patient experience  

    The new Ingenia MR portfolio is designed to incorporate innovations that dramatically improve patient comfort.  One of our partners reduced the number of rescans up to 70%2. This is enabled by our available in-bore experience, uniquely designed to elevate patient compliance and patient comfort. Add to that a more patient-centric design and you have one of the most widely accessible, patient-friendly imaging systems we ever made available. 
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    MR with a new point of view

    To unlock the full potential of MR, we need to evolve the way we think. Philips is leading the change. Read the blog from Martijn Hartjes.

    MR with a new point of view

    To unlock the full potential of MR, we need to evolve the way we think. Philips is leading the change. Read the blog from Martijn Hartjes.

    1. Compared to Philips scans without Compressed SENSE.

    2. Based on one clinical customer study performed at Herlev Gentofte University Hospital in Denmark using Ambient Experience and in-bore Connect solution.

    Latest MR solutions

    Ingenia Elition 3.0T
    Ingenia Prodiva 1.5T
    Coming soon

    A revolutionary breakthrough in diagnostic quality – and speed

    Ingenia Elition1 3.0T

    The new digital Ingenia Elition 3.0T offers a break-through in speed, patient experience and clinical confidence, while setting new directions in clinical research.

    With its Compressed SENSE acceleration technology the ingenia Elition is helping clinicians perform MRI exams up to 50% faster2.

    Newly designed user interfaces, its unique in-bore sensing technologies and advance AI-driven analytics3 for automatic planning, scanning and processing of exams based on radiologist’s preferences are helping to make the full MR workflow more efficient, consistent and confident for both patient and staff.

    1. Not CE marked yet, not yet available for delivery. 510(k) pending, not available for sale in the USA.

    2. Compared to Philips scans without Compressed SENSE.

    3. Philips SmartExam


    Delivering improved patient comfort and productivity

    Ingenia Prodiva 1.5T

    The new Philips Ingenia Prodiva 1.5T offers a highly intuitive approach to fast, high quality scans across a wide range of advanced applications and proves its value from day one.

    With virtually equal image quality, the Ingenia Prodiva 1.5T performs exams faster1. Its unique in-bore experience elevates patient compliance and comfort.  Patient throughput can be accelerated with a simplified Breeze workflow.

    An advanced lightweight coil system with standardized examination procedures helps you set up and perform routine MRI exams with ease and efficiency.

    1. Compared to Philips scans without Compressed SENSE


    Prodiva imaging center

    An excellent fit to expand the imaging center - Prodiva 1.5T

    Learn what the first users of Prodiva have to say about their experiences using the system and how it impacts their imaging center.

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    Clinical Applications

    Without Compressed SENSE With Compressed SENSE

    Speed done right, every time.

    Philips Compressed SENSE


    Compressed SENSE is not only about faster sequences, it is much more. It is about accelerating full patient examinations and thus guaranteeing the next level in productivity and image quality to empower your staff to focus where it matters the most, enhanced patient care. This new paradigm in productivity requires a unique implementation, which is available for all anatomical contrasts and all anatomies, and not only 3D scans but also 2D scans are significantly faster1 (up to 50%).

    1. Compared to Philips scans without Compressed SENSE.

    2. Results from case studies are not predictive of results in other cases. Results in other cases may vary.

    Compressed sense

    The value of Compressed SENSE

    Read about the experiences from Kantonsspital Winterthur (Switzerland) who experienced Compressed SENSE to be a simple yet powerful way to accelerate MRI scanning for different contrast types and sequences, in 2D as well as 3D.
    3D T1w TFE 3D APT

    Enhanced diagnostic 
    confidence in neuro oncology

    Philips 3D APT


    In a society where neurological disorders represent a heavy burden, Philips is committed to provide superb diagnostic clarity and treatment guidance for all patients.

    3D APT (Amide Proton Transfer) is a new unique, contrast-free, brain MR imaging method addressing the need for more confident diagnosis in neuro oncology. Today, although MR is the gold standard in neuro oncology imaging, its accuracy in tumor grading and treatment follow up assessment can be further improved.


    Enhancing brain tumor MRI with APT weighted Imaging

    Read the story from Phoenix Children’s Hospital on the study they conducted to evaluate the value of APT in clinical practice.
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    Ambient Experience Dutch  Masters Theme

    How art and music can impact the MRI patient and staff experience.

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