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Healthcare strategic technology management

While technology represents a significant investment and an essential component in quality healthcare delivery, the role it plays and its management is changing. The shift to value-based healthcare has driven hospital leaders to look for ways to provide high quality care in new ways with new care models, yet faced with a lack of resources, under pressure staff and operational complexity, they have been stretched to achieve real benefits.


Philips Managed Services is one of many businesses within Philips that is propelling advancing in strategic technology management by taking a broader, more holistic focus.

Philips customer delivery manager, Andre Smith explains: “Technology should always be a positive enabler of healthcare transformation, not a barrier to healthcare delivery. By leveraging the expertise of an outside technology partner, healthcare providers can shift the responsibility of day-today tactical operations to their trusted partner, to make a closer focus on strategic initiatives and optimal patient outcomes possible. Informed by our Operational Intelligence ways of working, we create a partnership based on an atmosphere of mutual understanding, and provide a comprehensive range of performance, planning, consulting and maintenance services.”

The global market for medical equipment was 425.5 Billion in 2018

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Icon growing at CAGR

It is expected to reach USD 612.7 Billion by 2025, growing at a CAGR of 5.4%,

Spending on strategic technology assets is both significant and visible.

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Operational Intelligence for Strategic technology

Operational Intelligence for strategic technology works on the disruptive premise that the transformation to outcomes based partnerships and the true realization of connected care is only possible through the effective synchronizing of people, processes and technology; with the human factor being afforded the same priority as the systems one. It’s a one-team, shared goal model of continuous improvement that delivers results; functionally and emotionally.

Operational intelligence for Strategic technology

“New technology must be selected carefully, current technology must be used optimally, and older technology must be sustained for maximum ROI, according to each institution’s policies.”


Philips Managed Services

Strategic management of technology

Transforming the strategic management of technology for healthcare

Discover why and how Operational Intelligence is transforming the strategic management of technology and how your healthcare system can benefit.

Insight: Why strategic technology is emerging as a key discipline in healthcare


The events of the global pandemic have dramatically highlighted the need for technology in healthcare to start driving down budgets and for Technology as a service (TaaS), not as a product. This article explores how to create an innovative strategic technology plan with a strategic partner who shares your risks and rewards.

Adopting an Operational Intelligence approach to create a new model for optimized ultrasound usage

Discover how Operational Intelligence helped enable the transformation journey at München Klinik, in Germany.

Bringing Operational Intelligence to life

Introducing the people working to connect people, processes and technology for seamless healthcare operations.

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Making powerful outcomes-based partnerships possible


Overview of Philips Managed Services

Philips Managed Services

Spotlight on Philips Managed Services

Philips Managed Services is designed to assist healthcare providers optimize Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) and get more out of their healthcare technology investments, while securing the availability of your technology at the right time to deliver quality care, now and in the future.

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