Finish ironing 30 minutes faster*

Flatten tough creases with 120 g/min continuous steam rate

Philips PerfectCare Compact steam generator iron
Perfectcare 60 days money back guarantee

PerfectCare Compact Plus
with OptimalTEMPtechnology

Switch to a steam generator iron for much faster results.
  • Guaranteed no burns: Relax knowing our OptimalTEMP technology won’t burn any ironable fabric, from your denims to your delicates. We promise!


  • Powerful steam: Quickly flatten tough creases with 120 g/min continuous powerful steam rate. To refresh hanging clothes or curtains, use extra powerful 450g steam boosts.

  • Smart Calc Clean: Keep your steam generator performing its best, for longer. Descale in one touch of a button. A handy built-in descaling system, and no cartridge is needed.

  • Detachable water tank: Iron up to 1.5 hours without refilling the 1.5 liter water tank. When it’s time to refill, just detach the tank and add water straight from the tap. It’s that easy!

  • Lightweight and compact: Effortlessly iron with our lightweight and compact steam iron generator. Then store it on your ironing board or tuck it away in a closet.
Dimensions of the Philips PerfectCare Compact steam generator iron
Enjoy more quality time

Enjoy more quality time

When you switch from your regular iron to a steam iron generator, you’ll notice right away how much faster you finish ironing. And the sooner you’re done, the sooner you have quality time for yourself and your family.

Steam generators work faster by producing twice as much continuous steam as you iron. You’ll finish up to 30 minutes faster*. Imagine what you can do with an extra 30 minutes with your family, instead of ironing.

perfect care compact plus no burn banner desktop

Guaranteed no burns with OptimalTEMP smart technology

It’s easier and faster to iron thanks to OptimalTEMP smart technology. No more changing settings or separating clothes. Even if you leave the steam generator resting face-down on your clothes, it won’t burn any ironable fabric. Guaranteed.
Powerful Steam

Finish faster with powerful continuous steam


Save time on your weekly iron thanks to our Philips ProVelocity steam engine. It will effortlessly tackle tough creases, including extra steam boosts when you need it.

Easy Refill

Detachable water tank iron up to 1,5 hours without the need to refill

Iron your whole load without refilling the 1.5L water tank. Just easily detach your water tank and refill anytime under the tap.
perfect care compact easily descaled desktop

Lightweight design for effortless ironing

Our compact steam generator makes ironing easy-to-handle and is tough on wrinkles.
perfect care compact plus easy to store banner desktop

Compact and convenient for easy storage in small spaces

Philips PerfectCare CompactPlus is one of our smallest steam generators. It’s  designed to easily store anywhere.
perfect care compact plus easily descaled desktop

Easily descale for longer use with built-in Smart Calc Clean


Keep your steam generator performing its best, for longer. Descale in one touch of a button with Smart Calc Clean, a built-in descaling system that even lets you know when it is time to descale. 

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PerfectCare Compact

PerfectCare Compact

PerfectCare Compact

Parný generátor


  • No
  • Yes
  • Yes


  • Max 4.8 bar pump pressure
  • Max 5.3 bar pump pressure
  • Max 6 bar pump pressure

Steam boost

  • Up to 170 g steam boost
  • Up to 280 g steam boost
  • Up to 340 g steam boost

Water tank type + capacity

  • 1.2L fixed water tank
  • 1.5L fixed water tank
  • 2L fixed water tank

Descaling system

  • Smart Calc-Clean (no cartridges needed)
  • Smart Calc-Clean (no cartridges needed)
  • Smart Calc-Clean (no cartridges needed)

Carry lock

  • Yes
  • Yes
  • Yes

Are you ready to buy PerfectCare Compact?

Philips PerfectCare Compact steam generator iron
Perfectcare 60 days money back guarantee
* Compared to Philips steam iron Azur based on a 2 hours ironing session

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